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So, speaking of The Avengers, I just realized what costumes are going to be all over Dragon*Con this year. I expect we'll see a lot of Loki, Thor, etc. I'm hoping we'll see at least one fairly spectacular Iron Man. Heh.

One, Two, Four!

Bogarted from verasteine.

I'm running a test to see who's reading my posts. So, if you read this, leave me a one-word comment about your day that starts with the third letter of your LJ USERNAME. Only one word please. Then repost so I can leave a word for you. Don't just post a word and not copy - that's not as much fun!

Honestly, I'm not counting. I mean, how fair would that be since I'm never around anymore? But, I figure, if anyone wants to stop in and play, or say "HI!", then this gives them the perfect opportunity.

Update on Mr. Staggers: He was upgraded to Mr. Tilty some time ago and looks to keep that for the foreseeable future. He gets around much better, but we can tell that he's going to be off-kilter permanently. Oh well, it's not like he has to hunt to survive, so he'll be fine. :P
SPACE place in the universe

Joy to One and All!

Whatever you celebrate, I wish you all the best this 25th of December.

Mr. Thad and I are cooking turkey and taking an easy day for ourselves. Right now, he's napping and I'm playing around on the internet. The kittehs are resting in the humid warmth of Florida in December and all is right with the world this one day.
YF Igor

Update on Mr. Staggers

That's what we've nicknamed Dib due to his recent ailment. Luckily, right around the 72 hours one of the websites mentioned, he started getting better. He's still staggering around, but he's not falling as much, and he can climb, drink, eat, etc. on his own now. Yay!

I'm guessing it's going to take the two to three weeks prophesied to see the end of all of his symptoms, but at least we're not too worried about him getting dehydrated or starving to death! We have to be even more careful walking around the house now, however, since he can't avoid our feet at all! And if he gets startled, or tries to move without care, he flumps over and folds up like a house of cards. FWUMP! Then looks up at you like..."What happened?"

Anyway, thanks for the lovin' thoughts. I needed that. Hope ya'll are doing okay.
YF Igor

My Life, Let Me Show You It

I know, I know. I'm not around much lately. I've kind of drifted away from the computer screen, actually. Moving from thing to thing is kind of what I do, and when I lost Torchwood as a glue to the internet, I kind of drifted off again. However, seeing as how I recall the internet as being a place of great comfort, let me share my horrible weekend with you. Sorry for the downer, but damn.Collapse )

Happy Day!

To all you mother's - either to kids, cats, horses, goats, dogs, ferrets, hamsters, otters... You get the picture. To all of us who care for something in a maternal manner - Happy Mother's Day!

My own dear, sweet kitties... have been fed and run off into the great outdoors. They did look vaguely grateful while fleeing, however. :P

Just a Quickie...

No, I haven't dropped off the face of the Earth, died, or gone to Venus with Elvis. :P

Was on vacation a couple of weeks ago. Got back and now work is a little busy. My main thing is right now I'm going through a period of low-interest in the internet, spending more time with Mr. Thad and doing other things.

However, I want to tell you guys all about my awesome vacation. I'll try to start that... tomorrow. Hey, never do today what you can put off until tomorrow! :D


In only one season, Supernatural has gone from the awesome plot and character driven show with kick-ass action, to a barely acceptable, overly dramatic, long-winded, talks-about-their feelings, no plot that makes sense any more... mess.

::sigh:: I knew it was possible, esp. when I hear Kripke was moving on, but with one one show standing out in contrast, this entire season has been utterly forgettable. And I do mean that literally. While I recall a good portion of the first five seasons well past the time I've watched them last, I can barely recall what they've been up to this season mostly because their actions no long make any sense. Seriously, they've gone from competent, stoic hunters to whiny, incompetent fuck-ups.

Yeah, yeah. I'm whining. I know. I think Mr. Thad was worried I'd be shattered when this season didn't pan out. I was wildly excited last summer for the show to commence. But, I'm not shattered. I'm disappointed. I hope they don't get another season, or if they do, someone starts writing the show I used to love, because this? This is not it.

WANTED: New TV show to love. Must have consistent and developing characterizations, kick-ass action, plots that don't make me want to spork my brain, cute dudes, and a story-arc that rocks. The classics of rock soundtrack is a plus, but I'm willing to compromise.

In other news, I'm so busy at work you guys just wouldn't believe! Speed Week followed by Bike Week with no time in between has kept me at work more than I've been at home over the last few weeks. Hopefully, now that Bike Week is here, the worst will be over.